Issahra Argan Exfoliating Soap

Argan--exfoliating- Soap

argan, loofah and vegetable glycerin – 120 gr

Conceived for all types of skin, Argan Exfoliating Soap is an original peeling care with a play shape.

Conceived with a vegetable loofah and a composition of organic argan oil, vegetal glycerin and glucose, this soap exfoliates gently and removes dead skin cells and roughness. The blood micro-circulation is activated which boosts cell oxygenation and skin regeneration.

The argan oil and natural glycerin brings moisturizing and elasticity by restoring the skin barrier and avoiding a tight feeling.  Cleared from impurities, the skin is smooth to the touch and more firm.  Oxygenated and purified, the skin is brighter and supple.

  • How to use

    Argan Exfoliating Soap is recommended for body peeling 2 or 3 times a week. Gently massage the soap in circular movements onto damp skin, especially on dry or rough parts such as knees and elbows. Complete this treatment by applying Issahra Original Oil or Sublime Oil to obtain perfectly moisturized, smooth and satin skin.

    Argan Exfoliating Soap can be used very slightly on the face avoiding the eye-contours.


  • Active ingredients

    • Argan oil
    • Natural glycerin
    • Glucose
    • Loofah

    100 % natural ingredients. All skin types.