Order Your Free Organic Wax Kit

Order your FREE Organic Wax Kit

Hello Nature is now introducing naturual waxing range (made in France).  The whole range is also
certified organic by Ecocert : hot wax, strip wax or roll on cartridges, Pre-wax cleanser and post wax hair retardant milk.

What are the benefits of natural wax?

  • Softer on the skin but very effective on hair
  • non-allergenic and antiseptic thanks to the lemon
  • free of all the chemical nasties you are breathing everyday when waxing your clients
  • Less skin reactions: no red bums on the sensitive areas

It is AFFORDABLE, EASY TO USE and healthier for everyone!

To discover our range, click here.

Request your free sample now and experience your sample at your spa.

This is entirely obligation free. We believe your clients and your therapists will prefer the easier application
and end result to any other type of wax.


Just fill out the form below with your contact details and the spa address  for the delivery !

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